Beautifully painted


Welcome to my website

I hope you enjoy my website, take your time, look around, all are original pieces of fine art

that you can treasure for a lifetime.

​I always love to hear what viewers think of my work, drop me a line and Ill answer any

questions you may have.

Commisions now being taken, as well as pet portraits which is my latest venture!

Im available for shows and exhibitions.

I grew up on a smallholding with farm animals and horses.

I have a good knowledge and understanding of animals,

my favourite time of day was when I was allowed time to

watch them - for hours sketching and painting them.

At school, my art teachers admired my ability of painting fur, normally a difficult subject. 
I was awarded at an early age leave of school to attend an art scholarship.

Animal Portrait Artist


​​Tina Green Artist

My love of animals and

an ability to communicate

with them, understanding

their moods and wondering

at their thoughts..

My paintings are influenced by

that particular animals

individual personality. I strive

to recreate eyes set alive

and showing their own personal

character and emotions into

my work onto the canvas.

Animals in oils​.

Tina Green Artist

I have used many different mediums, acrylics, pastels,

watercolours & oils.

Each idea manifests into its own individual style, though I love

oil as it allows me to paint

​thick brush stokes showing the

beauty of fur and with such

strength of colour.